Blog Post 1: Why a Young, Fresh Public Relations Professional is the Right Answer

Let’s Start Here: 

There’s a huge difference between “Good PR” and “Bad PR.”

Imagine booking a flight with a company that does not communicate to their passengers all of the amenities offered to them. Would you choose to fly with them?

Now, imagine booking a flight with a company that emails their passengers one week prior to their flight departure with all of the amenities offered on their specific flight!

That’s the difference between good and bad public relations.

With the difference in mind, why are the emerging PR pros taking charge in today’s industry?

Many young, professionals are leaving their academic careers and are ready to begin working wholeheartedly for their upcoming employer. These are the best individuals to hire because they embody three main values: Determination, Organized & Boldness.


As entry-level professionals, these emerging leaders are ready to work tirelessly to achieve maximum results. This can bring a much-needed energy boost to the workplace for the middle and upper-level management that may feel stagnant in their careers. 


The organization of a professional may be one of the most vital attributes to possess in today’s workforce. From the hassle between virtual and in-person life, there can be things that slip through the cracks if you aren’t an organized individual. Today’s new business individuals have just completed an education during a global pandemic. The skill of organization is now fabricated into society’s social structure.


When thinking of boldness in today’s workplace, you may not know where to look. The answer is right in front of you: a young, fresh Public Relations Professional. However, the soon-to-be careered practitioners are bold in various aspects. Above many, a fresh professional will be bold in their pursuit of successfully completing campaigns for clients. The individuals also tend to not waver in their endeavors because there are no preconceived stereotypes associated with the transactional or relational business.

Don’t be weary – young PR Professionals are here to make a statement.


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